Van Riebeeck Avenue – Guest Bathroom

Below is one of two remodelled bathrooms that were inspired by a Pinterest image.

The work done on these bathrooms confirms that when we say ‘You name it! We can do!’, then that is exactly what you can expect.
Working from a Pinterest image the client had, Barend and his team was able to provide the client with mirror bathrooms that brought the Pinterest image to life.

Back in the 1960’s galvanized pipes were the most popular piping to use as copper was not available yet. Although to this day we know that exposure to water will cause galvanized pipes to corrode and rust over time, contaminating the water.

When our team started with the construction we noticed that the property still had galvanized piping. We had to remove all the pipes and reworked the plumbing to accommodate the new layout of the bathroom. The old jacuzzi tub was removed and the cramped space was transformed into a more open bathroom. With a Bathtub, Shower, basin and toilet. New tiles were added to both the floor and walls and the ceiling was updated with new light fixtures. Giving this bathroom a clean, sleek and modern look.

Check out the before, in progress, and after images and client review below.

“After ten years of disappointment after disappointment with projects that were always just OK, we have finally found a contractor that did EXACTLY what he said he could and would do… and so much more! Barend is the master of turning Pinterest dreams into top quality reality.”

Juanita Vorster