En Suite

Our team started this project with just a Pinterest image, provided by the client, and managed to match the style perfectly.

As with the Guest Bathroom the Ideal Team again managed to do the impossible. We turned a small, shower only, En Suite bathroom into a mirror image of the Guest Bathroom. Just like with the Guest Bathroom the pipes were replaced and the plumbing was reworked to accommodate the new layout of the bathroom. The bathroom was transformed to a bath and shower and a new basin and cabinet were intentionally set up for the new toilet. New tiles on the floor and walls were added with new light fixtures to give this bathroom the same luxury feel as the Guest Bathroom.

Once again making the clients dreams of a Pinterest image bathroom a reality.
Our team not only delivered on their promise but gave the bathroom that feeling that it has been made bigger in size and more stylish and comfortable.

View the images of the entire progress from start to finish, as well as, the client’s review below.

“After ten years of disappointment after disappointment with projects that were always just OK, we have finally found a contractor that did EXACTLY what he said he could and would do… and so much more! Barend is the master of turning Pinterest dreams into top quality reality.”

Juanita Vorster