Bathroom Renovation Ideas: What to keep in mind for a successful bathroom remodel

bathroom renovation ideas

Whether the plan is to sell a home or not, an outdated bathroom can lower the appeal to buyers. So when it comes to the bathroom, the space needs to be functional, practical, and comfortable. There are plenty of decisions to be made along the way, from the type of mirrors, and fittings to grout used, and the price tag that comes with that can be surprising. In this blog, Ideal Renovations provides tips and tricks for a bathroom remodel.

Planning a bathroom remodel

Renovations of any kind are a daunting process and can cost anywhere from R30,000 to R300,000 or more. This depends on the bathroom’s size, what needs to be renovated, the type of fittings/finishings, and the labour involved. 

The best way to prevent bathroom remodelling disasters is to plan the project carefully before you begin. Some things to consider are what size and level of bathroom remodel are going to take place. How much will it cost? And who will do the remodel? A professional opinion helps answer these questions. 

Bathroom remodels are often grouped into four basic levels: a surface remodel, a more extensive remove and replace remodel, or changing the bathroom’s layout. The fourth level of bathroom remodelling involves a change to the room entirely. Before starting it’s good to have a plan in place, whether it be a large or small space. 

Important things to consider 

Design the space for comfort and accessibility. There are no set rules about how high to hang towel bars and robe hooks. Designers use the standard dimensions as a starting point. So decide where to put things early on. If your design needs a larger or smaller space than what you have, the renovators can suggest ideas that will work efficiently.

Address the bathroom ventilation. All bathrooms need ventilation, either in the form of a properly sized window or a bathroom exhaust fan.

The right flooring is crucial. Pick bathroom flooring that is sturdy enough against daily bathroom use. Common types of bathroom flooring include ceramic and porcelain tile, and vinyl tiles.

Take note of the room size when choosing a colour. To make a small room look bigger, make sure to stay within the white-or-light colour palette. Dark colours make the room feel smaller. Using light-coloured fixtures for the toilet and bathtub helps with this. Always paint the bathroom ceiling white or off-white, as any other colour tends to shrink the room even more. These are just a few things to consider when starting a bathroom remodel. 

Latest bathroom trends

Bathroom trends come and go, but timeless designs are here to stay for 2023 and beyond. Whether for the master or guest bathroom these trends can inspire the next project. 

Create a space to enjoy. A wellness space that is fully prepped for spa-style care. Adding upholstered seating may not be common but to enjoy serious self-care, it makes perfect sense. 

Have a white colour scheme.  Associated with calmness, a white bathroom colour palette can quieten the mind and soothe the soul.  Make sure to avoid clinical whites and opt for off-white surfaces.

Use textiles in the bathroom. Beauty and aesthetics play a role in the bathroom as much as the practical elements. Especially when looking to create an inviting bathroom. Lay a bathroom rug for a warm feel, or hang curtains instead of blinds.

Forget quick 5-minute showers. Add seating and stools inside the shower area to shift the emphasis from speed to relaxed me-time.

Renovations are no game, it takes a lot of planning, preparation, and patience. So do it right the first time. Contact our team at Ideal Renovations for work done right and at affordable costs.